The opportunity

D-FLEX® is a unique commercial opportunity that will be licensed to manufacturers as the combination of an ingredient technology and a brand.

Our license agreement with manufacturers will enable them to interpret and exploit D-FLEX® in ways and the fashion they choose to complement, strengthen and enhance their own existing product range, markets and brand.

D-FLEX® is ‘The Difference’

Nothing like D-FLEX® has ever been introduced into the consumer fishing market before.

While historically comparable in its impact, the introduction of carbon fibre composite materials was a gradual process, leading on from glass fibre and unlike D-FLEX® there were significant challenges and costs for early adopters.

Todays fishing rod manufacturers have to work hard to distinguish themselves from one another, doing so can only be done with incremental improvements to the same basic materials competitors also have access to. As with all incremental product improvements, it is hard to make these stand out and give your company a commercial edge.

The question on customers lips will be ‘Does it use D-FLEX®?’.

D-FLEX® will change this scenario. Unlike carbon fibre, which is a generic raw material available to everyone, D-FLEX® is a branded ingredient technology with consistently superior performance characteristics that will only be available to official licensees.

Manufacturers who adopt D-FLEX® will have a clear market advantage and can achieve significant commercial success. D-FLEX Ltd is ready to help every licensee at each stage to maximize this potential.

Our goal is to help manufacturers create a consistently superior product and communicate this technology and brand strongly so that D-FLEX® becomes a global brand. We envisage customers becoming “hooked” on the performance aspects of D-FLEX®, creating long term brand loyalty.

How big is the market?

Our research places the global fishing rod market in excess of $5 billion per annum, with an estimated 100 million or so rods sold each year. Fishing is generally acknowledged as the most popular participation sport in the world and, as is typical of sportsmen in general, anglers are liable to replace or simply change their equipment when either the need, a reason or an opportunity arises. Dedicated anglers will often upgrade their equipment routinely, perhaps annually and for the more enthusiastic or specialist angler It is likely that they will own several fishing rods and therefore possibly buy more than one rod at the same time.

Having a targeted solution like D-FLEX® that leaps so far ahead of their existing equipment will generate interest and become a compelling reason to purchase.

D-FLEX Ltd is poised to enhance this interest through strong brand communication and by working closely with its licensees to communicate these strengths consistently.