Our Brand

Creating a global brand around D-FLEX® is the cornerstone of our strategy to ensure both initial and long term commercial success of D-FLEX® licenced products.

Our marketing focus will be to ensure that D-FLEX® becomes an easily recognizable brand name that consumers can and will identify as a premium technology, therefore enhancing the branded association with D-FLEX® licencees.

D-FLEX® will quickly become recognised as improving performance characteristics, thus products that utilize D-FLEX® technology will become associated with the highest performance available in the marketplace.

Product placement and our logo

With such a unique and new technology it is essential for the D-FLEX® brand to stand out from the crowd.

Our brand logo plays a vital role in identifying fishing rods utilising D-FLEX® technology.

The D-FLEX® logo incorporates the basic design shape into the trademark wording and has a clear brand mark utilizing this same shape. Both pieces of the logo can be used either separately or in combination, depending upon licencee preference. The logo was designed with the specific intention of being flexible in its application, whilst remaining readily identifiable to consumers.

Our brand color will also offer clear recognition in retail positioning.

Our ‘Triad’

Our strap line is ‘The Difference’, which we will further develop into a consumer focused story to explain how D-FLEX® differs from conventional designs, and in the resulting performance characteristics and the ‘Differential’ aspect inherent in the technology.

There are subtle additional benefits to the fishing rods that will utilize D-FLEX® technology, but we will consistently focus on the three principal benefits of: ‘Differential’, ‘Power’ and ‘Lightness’ as unique selling points.

Brand Communication

We will work closely with our licensees to ensure that D-FLEX® is a success for them. Our initial focus will be on creating brand awareness, communicating the new benefits of D-FLEX® within the industry and to consumers.

Our marketing and PR campaigns will be targetted to bring the sales benefit directly back to the licencee manufacturer - D-FLEX Ltd does not stand alone, the strength of the partnership with our licencees is of vital importance, and our focus will be on helping them succeed.

To facilitate and establish mutually successful long term partnerships, a percentage of the royalty income generated by D-FLEX® will be reinvested into agreed licencee marketing strategies. This will be in addition to a separate marketing fund that licencees can bid for to promote their D-FLEX® products.

Our website

The focus of the site and its content will evolve as we move from seeking licenced manufacturing partners to assisting those new partners sell the D-FLEX® technology to consumers.

As well as explaining the D-FLEX® technology, the website will become a hub, a touching point for both licencees and end-users. We will provide links to all products that utilize D-FLEX® and to any jointly run marketing campaigns.

Marketing materials

D-FLEX Ltd will provide licencees with suitable marketing material to assist and enhance their D-FLEX® product promotion.