The commercial realization of D-FLEX® comes through its ability to be rapidly introduced into existing manufacturing processes.

There is no need to radically change existing equipment or techniques. D-FLEX® is entirely independent of materials. The inventive steps that allow this form the basis of the patent protecting D-FLEX® technology for exclusive use by D-FLEX® licencees.

D-FLEX® mandrels

The only significant difference to current industry standard manufacturing techniques is to utilize a mandrel with the D-FLEX® profile. This allows for easy and relatively inexpensive adoption of the D-FLEX® design. D-FLEX® mandrels are manufactured from hard anodized, tooling grade Aluminium alloy using innovative new CNC machining techniques that were developed specifically for this application.

Usage of the D-FLEX® mandrels will form part of the licensing agreement between D-FLEX Ltd. and its licensees. Manufacturers will be able to order D-FLEX® mandrels through this website.

D-FLEX® bespoke setting

When the D-FLEX® shape is reversed, it offers different performance characteristics which may be preferable for certain types of speciality fishing rods. The license agreement with manufacturers allows for them to create their own proprietary fishing rods and define the performance characteristics of their bespoke products by choosing the direction of the setting.