D-FLEX Ltd announces plans to attract Licensees

Daresbury, UK, June 2009 - D-FLEX Ltd. reveals patented technology and initial business strategy to attract manufacturing licensees for D-FLEX® – a revolutionary design for fishing rods.

Dr Chris Underwood, creator of the D-FLEX® concept, stated “We feel that D-FLEX® is the most exciting technology to emerge for fishing rod manufacturers since the large scale availability of carbon fiber. Over the past couple of years we’ve worked hard to develop the D-FLEX® design, which in very basic terms is based upon changing the cross sectional profile from circular to a special triangle-like shape. We had to ensure that D-FLEX® delivered on the promise of more powerful, lighter weight fishing rods that also exhibit a beneficial differential in flexural properties.”

A scientific approach

“From handling and casting with our earliest prototypes, the remarkable properties of fishing rods incorporating D-FLEX® were clearly apparent. But we recognized that independent proof of what D-FLEX® has to offer would be beneficial so we commissioned the Department of Engineering at the University of Liverpool to conduct a theoretical study simulating bending properties using a technique known as Finite Element Analysis.”

“These computer simulations confirm that the capabilities of D-FLEX® have a demonstrable scientific basis. D-FLEX® works and can be shown to work both practically and theoretically.” confirms Underwood.

Solving the manufacturing barrier

Expensive changes in manufacturing techniques had to be avoided if D-FLEX® is to be adopted on a large scale basis. “From the outset, our target was to ensure that D-FLEX® rods could be manufactured using the same basic equipment and with similar processes as conventional fishing rods. Keeping this particular challenge in mind we needed to develop innovative CNC machining techniques to fabricate mandrels that incorporate the unique D-FLEX® geometric profile. The ready availability of D-FLEX® mandrels will allow manufacturers to implement new D-FLEX® model ranges without significant disruption to their existing production capabilities and without major capital investment.”

D-FLEX® in the marketplace

“D-FLEX® is a compelling innovation for the recreational fishing marketplace and we anticipate D-FLEX® becoming a global brand and a key ingredient technology for our partners. We have created a clear and modern brand-mark for D-FLEX® to promote consumer recognition and support the sales and marketing activities of our licensees.”

Business strategy

“D-FLEX Ltd. is not a manufacturing company and our business strategy is to develop close partnerships with established manufacturers who wish to license D-FLEX® as a premium branded technology for use with their own proprietary product range. Our goal is to work together with our licensees to create anticipation and excitement within the marketplace, generating commercial success with refreshed or original product ranges that incorporate D-FLEX®.”

About D-FLEX Ltd.

D-FLEX Ltd has developed, patented and trademarked an innovative design technology which changes and redefines the intrinsic characteristics of fishing rods in uniquely beneficial ways - promoting differential flex, power and lightness. Based in the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus, England, the company is privately owned and funded.