About Us

Our company was formed in 2008 to fulfil the commercial potential of a radically new and patented design technology invented by Dr Chris Underwood and trademarked under the name “D-FLEX®”.

Dr Underwood is a physicist who has spent the majority of his 30 year career developing biomaterials and associated manufacturing techniques to make artificial blood vessels. It was with the benefit and experience of these years of professional scientific research that when he took up the sport of fishing, he began to evaluate the properties and behaviour of the fishing rods he was using and realised that there was a way, so simple yet also technologically sophisticated, to improve significantly the way in which fishing rods perform. This was to change their cross-sectional shape in a suitable fashion to thereby also beneficially change the amount by which they bend or flex in differing directions.

This basic design principle is relatively easy to appreciate as a general concept. However, such an apparently simple goal can in fact be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve within the confines of current manufacturing practices. But by exploiting the unique geometric properties of the family of shapes known collectively as Curves of Constant Width, a novel and versatile design tool emerges. This is D-FLEX®. And D-FLEX® can be exploited within any manufacturing process that forms tubes by rolling material around a mandrel. The basic requirement is simply the use of a mandrel with a D-FLEX® cross-sectional profile.

D-FLEX Ltd is not a manufacturing company. Our business mission is to licence our proprietary design technology as an ingredient brand to established fishing rod manufacturers.